National Parents Organization Celebrates Landmark Kentucky Shared Parenting Law

With Governor Bevin’s Signature, Kentucky Now Leads the Nation in Shared Parenting After Divorce
— Read on

I predicted it, and it came true. I am proud to say that I am not only a Kentucky Attorney, but I am also an everyday witness and participant in a shared parenting family. Stay tuned for our story (It will be in a future post- a LONG one).

For today’s purposes, I hope that you will read the article and learn about shared parenting and what it is going to mean for custody and family law in Kentucky going forward. It will affect child support. It will affect everything. It works for many reasons, but I’m gonna save the detail for later posts.


If you’re confused, or struggling with what this new “Shared Parenting” is or how it affects your particular situation, give us a call at Mohon Law. Until August 1, 2018, we offer 15 minute informational sessions over the phone or email for FREE . This applies only to shared parenting questions.

  1. Shared Parenting keeps children from being inevitably embroiled in the Mommy vs. Daddy saga that often recreates through the child’s future family dynamic.
  2. Shared parenting allows children to have not one “full time parent” and one “weekend parent”, but two loving parents who can be pushed into cooperating with each other for the sake of the child.
  3. NO PARENT WINS. NO PARENT LOSES. And that’s how it should be in custody court, if both parents are fit and stable.

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